Drestein '17

A National Level Technical and Management Festival On February 9th & 10th


About us


Drestein is a National level technical festival hosted by Saveetha Engineering College every year since 2009 and is a sincere effort to quench the unabated thirst for knowledge. It took form as the brainchild of five people from different departments who gave the proposal in March 2009. The three day event is filled with loads of innovative ideas and numerous opportunities to learn. It is a platform that encourages young budding engineers to try as many crazy things as they can to create the unseen and proves that innovation has no horizons! The technical festival is not just confined to just engineers but also includes a throng of management events and also explores the world of computers, fun events, surprise slots, mock interviews and what not.

About College

Saveetha Engineering College, was started in the year 2001 by the Saveetha Medical & Educational Trust, is committed to develop this college into a renowned institution for Engineering education and research. The Saveetha Group of Institution is headed by Dr. N. M. Veeraiyan, a committed and dedicated Medical Professional.

“ The college motto, ‘BE THE BEST’, carries a message to the students that they should aim for the best in education, culture and achievement ”

Nothing less than the ‘Best’ is acceptable in Saveetha Engineering College.


Technology is always on the move and is ever trying to advance and revamp itself in every way possible pushing the reach of human capabilities. In resonance, we ought to strive to push ourselves to the verge of excellence by constant innovations and workouts and conditioning and for the same reason we invite you to literally throw yourselves down onto the spotlight in one of the most extravagant tech fests of the year for glory and goodies! Get ready to rack up the heat in these events tailored to literally push the human minds to the verge of excellence! See you there!


Curiosity, most often than not, is what fuels innovations and constantly pushes us to be better. If you are a meddlesome and incisive geek who's always on the lookout for the new best thing that somehow improves the quality of the lives we live.. then this is the year of jubilee. DRESTIEN 2K17 brings you high quality workshops showcasing the current meta in the tech world that pulls you in and intrigues leaving you in awe of the wonderful reality of tech in all its glory- face to face. Join us to grow together and rise above!

Poster Presentation

This is a calling to all the Michael Angelos, Da Vincis and Raphaels of the Photoshop realm! Like the wise men once said the real voyage of discovery consists in not seeing and experiencing new things but in simply having a different perspective of what's already in front of us. On this note, we invite you wizards to give us a taste of your figment of artistry and façade of neatness, spreading color and love and in turn making the world a whole lot better place! Are you better than the best? Sign on to prove that you've got the mettle for the fettle!

Project Display

Life is a continuous journey of transformation. Scientists may have sophisticated laboratories and fancy equipment, but never forget that "Eureka" was inspired in a bathtub. Have you always been that silicone-metal geek who's ever meddling and coming up with dope concoctions and gizmos simply because you've got a little bit of Nikola Tesla within you wanting to come out and bring about the next revolution? for all the circuit breakers and rocket scientists out there, DRESTIEN 2K17 cordially invites you to come show the world how your creation is the next new thing that could radically change the way we live!

Register For Drestein '17

A wise man once said.. " Party hard, make mistakes and laugh endlessly. Do things that are daunting and dare to be colorful. After all, you're young only once. " And we at Saveetha firmly believe that and, ergo, invite you to the biggest tech festival of the year. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So come join the party and play hard while racking up precious knowledge and exposure to the best of the best. You live only once. So don't trip. Register here and now!

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