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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of most frequently asked questions. For any queries mail us at


When and How should i be paying the amount?

If you have registered here you can pay the amount mentioned in the form at the time of registering, directly at our registration desk on the day of the event and we haven't adopted our Prime Minister's digital ideas yet so kindly bring the cash required beforehand.


What is the amount to be paid by me?

The amount to be paid for events is Rs.100 and the amount for the workshop varies depending on the workshop. The total will be calculated automatically and displayed above in red color upon selection in the registration form. If you do not want to participate in any workshops select the none option.


If I have paid for the workshop, Should i pay for the events seperately?

If you are paying for the workshop, the events are on us. You need not pay for attending the events. You can directly go and attend any number of events and have your chance at winning exciting cash prizes.


If I have any queries, Whom should I contact?

You can feel free to write to us at or alternatively ping us or call us at +91-8072169910,9787105458,9790840618 or +91-9710085851